We’ve all been students and we can all relate to struggling with math or science to general studying. Many students do not receive any extra support outside of school, but with private tutoring sessions at Valotta Studios, help is in the neighborhood! Here are Miss Kelsey’s Top 4 Reasons to Sign Up for Tutoring:


  1. One-on-One Learning
    Classroom teachers do their best to meet all students needs and learning styles but with a class of twenty to thirty students, it can be challenging to give individual attention. Many students need and can benefit from the extra support of a private tutor. Our tutors are able to focus on what specific struggles each student has and the skills needed to succeed.
  2. Common Core Standards
    Each tutor at Valotta Studios is a state-certified teacher who has hands-on experience with the Common Core Standards of Pennsylvania. They are up-to-date with what your child is learning in the classroom as well as how they are learning.
  3. Help with Self-Esteem & Organization
    Through individual sessions, each tutor gets to know the child, the teacher’s requirements and the parent’s goals. Not only does the tutor work on academics but also with organization and self-confidence. The tutor takes the time to get to know the student to better understand issues that may be arising in school, and they come up with answers and strategies for positive learning.
  4. Acquire Essential Skills
    It is essential for every student to acquire basic skills needed to be able to excel in more challenging subjects and situations. Many students struggle in school because they might not have had the basic skills teaching or never grasped the important concept. This is the time for the tutor to give intensive support for the skill so that the student can keep up and follow along with their grade level material.