2020 Back To School Tutoring Packages

Not sure what tutoring schedule is best for you? Check out some of the package options we have to offer this school year!

Updated Session Formats
30 Minute Sessions
  • Prep for a new grade/summer slump prevention
  • Supplemental tutoring resources
  • General test prep
  • *especially great for young elementary students!
60 Minute Sessions
  • All of the above (for 30 min sessions)
  • Academic support/intervention
  • SAT Prep

Homeschool/Cyber School Program
  • Weekly tutoring sessions to reinforce homeschool or cyber school curriculum
  • Supports students in a one-on-one setting who may not be receiving individual attention during eLearning
  • Acts a resource for parents navigating remote learning/homeschooling for the first time – our tutors are trained professionals, and many of them are schoolteachers themselves!
  • Available in-person or virtually
  • Available in 30-minute or 60-minute sessions
  • First four sessions are given at special promotional pricing (now through Labor Day)
    • 4 60-minute sessions for $200
    • 4 30-minute sessions for $100

Flex Package
  • Purchase a block of 4 tutoring sessions to be used on a “as-needed” basis throughout the school year
  • No weekly commitment to tutoring
  • Can be used for test prep, general support, supplemental activities, or whatever else your child might need!
  • Great for students who generally perform well academically, but might need support for a specific concept or to prepare for an especially difficult exam.
  • The Flex Package can only be purchased once. Once all sessions have been used, any additional sessions booked will resume at the tutor’s normal rate.
  • Available in-person or virtually
  • Pricing
    • 4 60-minute sessions for $200
    • 4 30-minute sessions for $100

For more information about our tutoring packages, including pricing and scheduling, please email us at Info.ValottaStudios@gmail.com or call our office weekdays at (484) 639-5751!