Middle School Tutoring: 6th grade – 8th grade

Explore all the Middle School-level areas where our teachers can help your child progress through hand-on lessons and homework help!


As your student goes through middle school, the demand for strong math skills becomes even more important. Their math classes will continue to build on the skills they are learning and have already learned, making it difficult to stay ahead or catch up without additional help. Success in middle school math will help your student succeed further in life through high school, college and beyond.

Reading & Phonics

As your middle schooler progresses through higher grade levels, the expectations of your student greatly increase. Instead of just learning to memorize words and definitions, your student is now asked to read on a deeper level and comprehend uses of words based on context. As tests and expectations get harder it is understandable why your student may need a little extra help in reading and vocabulary.


Middle school will most likely be your student’s first introduction to higher science concepts. From here on out, science will become increasingly harder with math equations to accompany the concepts. It is easy to get left behind in science class, lab reports or even chapter studies. If you notice that your middle schooler is struggling with science, don’t wait until they are too far behind!

Study Skills

Strong study habits are a key to success, especially for the growing demands on a middle school student. The need for strong skills in organization, time management, research and note-taking becomes crucial. If your middle schooler is struggling with test taking and staying on top of their homework, don’t delay in getting them the help they need to achieve. Our tutoring programs will help your student develop crucial skills in organization, time management, test-taking strategies, note-taking, outlining and reference skills. Mastering good study habits now will relieve a lot of stress and open doors for a lifetime of success.


The transition into middle school will only create a higher level of expectations needed a strong foundation in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Give your student the edge they need to succeed with a very strong foundation in writing! These skills are necessary to help your student grow into a good test taker for high school, ACTs / SATs, college entrance exams and more. Tutoring in writing will focus on grammar, punctuation, usage, writing process, writing styles, writing test essays and writing reports.

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