When the bell rings and school ends, Miss Kelsey is not finished teaching for the day! She strives to help shape the young minds of all students. Whether a student is struggling with reading, math, social studies, science, study skills or just needs some support with homework, Miss Kelsey is here to help! Valotta Studios in Chester Springs welcomes our new tutoring teacher, Miss Kelsey Piliero, to our wonderful new Tutoring program! Kelsey recently joined the Valotta Studios family with five years’ experience teaching elementary, middle and high school students. Miss Kelsey’s true dedication towards meeting the needs of each child really shows during her tutoring sessions. Miss Kelsey sets goals and monitors each individual student’s progress to make sure that each student is receiving the level-appropriate and engaging support that they deserve! Miss Kelsey’s students will also learn about reflection and self-reflection to better help them understand how they can excel in all subjects. No student wants to be embarrassed or feel left behind in their classes – why not receive extra support? Tutoring sessions help not only with academics but with organization as well. Miss Kelsey and Valotta Studios tutoring is dedicated to making each student’s school experience one to remember!