High School Tutoring: 9th – 12th grade

Explore all the High School-level areas where our teachers can help your child progress through hand-on lessons and homework help!


As your high schooler goes through higher level education, doing well in subjects like math becomes increasingly important. Falling behind even a little in math can leave the brightest student in a state of stress and confusion since each math class continues to build upon current and prior skills. Getting your student help in math is important not only for math, science and other core subjects, but also for SAT and ACT test taking for college. Help your student succeed with tutoring!

Critical Reading

While high schoolers spend the majority of their days in content-area classes, they are expected to efficiently extract information from their texts and interpret what the author has said. These demands may have your student struggling to keep up. Strong critical reading skills are crucial as your student experiences higher-level classes and prepares for college through ACTs and SATs. Tutoring can help your student succeed through foundational reading skills such as the ability to read a wide variety of materials with ease, for varying purposes and with comprehension. Don’t let foundational skills hold your student back from achieving their very best in every subject with tutoring in critical reading.

Science (COMING SOON!)

Science becomes increasingly more difficult with higher level education. Keeping up with complex science concepts, the math equations to go along with the concepts, labs and chapter study would leave in the smartest student in a state of feeling overwhelmed and confused. Our tutors can help your student succeed in this core subject content for ACT and SAT exams as well as prep for college.


At this point in your student’s writing career, you should be focusing on preparing your high schooler for college with appropriate-level writing assignments. Focusing on skills such as sentence structure and punctuation to building new skills in composition and using the writing processes more effectively, our tutoring can help your high school prepare for higher level education. Our writing tutors improve skills in punctuation, usage, writing process, writing style, writing test essays, writing reports, poetry and author’s purpose.

Study Skills

As your student enters high school, it is normal to feel like the workload has doubled and the increasing expectations have your high schooler struggling to keep up. If homework assignments, studying for tests and projects have your high schooler feeling overwhelmed, then study skills tutoring is the right fit for them. Our tutoring program will focus on the essential skills such as organization, study strategies, time management, test-taking skills, note-taking, outlining, and reference skills. It is never too late to learn proper management techniques to be successful in all areas of school!

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