Elementary Tutoring: Kindergarten – 5th grade

Explore all the Elementary School-level areas where our teachers can help your child progress through hand-on lessons and homework help!


Math at the elementary level is all about building basic skills and a solid foundation for more advanced subjects to come.

While math may not come easy to everyone, it is incredibly important for the future success of your student. Creating a solid foundation will give your student the confidence and skills needed to succeed in school, and they might even start to like it!

Our tutoring programs in math will focus on number formation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and more.

Reading & Phonics

Strong reading skills are an important building block for any student. During their elementary years, your student will go from learning to read to reading to learn.

Having the ability to read comfortably will allow your child to flourish in school from testing to reading directions for homework. Elementary school students start out by learning basic reading skills such as spelling, vocabulary and phonics.

A reading and phonics tutor can help your child master all of these skills. As each student gets older our tutoring program can help with reading comprehension skills, understanding content and critical thinking skills.

Study Skills

If a child is struggling in school, it could be that they are lacking strong study skills. Study skills such as time management, utilizing a dictionary, proper referencing and outlining teach students how to be effective and organized students. Many of these skills do not come naturally for all students and therefore need to be taught.

Signs that your child might need tutoring in study skills include disorganization, battling at homework time, they feel lost in class or their grades are dropping.

Help your student become a better learner by trying study skills tutoring!


Writing is a fundamental skill needed for success in nearly all school subjects. A student needs to have a clear ability to express their thoughts and ideas effectively and efficiently through writing.

Writing tutoring can help even the most frustrated writer organize their thoughts and build the skills needed to write concise descriptions, narratives, sentences and paragraphs.

Our elementary writing program focuses on grammar, punctuation, capitalization, sentence writing and paragraph writing.

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